I started practicing Meditation and Yoga. I drink kaada i.e., immunity booster drink, every day. I take steam every day to keep my lungs and throat fit and it also makes my mind feel fresh. I think it’s advisable to steam post meditation. I even started consulting a counselor because during such trying times, we all need someone to hear our heart out. It is always said, “A stranger never judges us.” Hence, I made sure that I call my counselor at least once a week to speak up and make my brain feel light. I always wanted to start painting again which I wasn’t able to do during my College days which I resumed during this Lockdown. I started being active on my YouTube channel which I wanted to do since a very long time. I tried my hands-on cooking, and ended up cooking a variety of dishes that I had never fathomed I could. Also, I started indulging in self-love so that I don’t need anybody, except myself. There is a lot of transition that I have witnessed in myself. I feel great and I have grown into a more mature and practical person. Workout and meditation sessions never interested me. However, today even a day without Meditation makes me feel frustrated. Earlier, I was a speaker but now I am a listener. Earlier, I was an over excited person but now I know where to showcase my emotions and where not to. I have learnt to deal with negativity and I have become stronger. Before this lockdown, I never considered my health as a priority. Career, studies and social life were the top three on my priority list. Now, I realize that no matter what, mental and physical health are both equally important and our top most priorities in life.

-Rtr. Shamail Shaikh
Professional Development Director



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