I tried to concentrate on my growth by thinking how I can utilise the time I have at home which generally boosts the mental health while you’re trying to be productive and feeling good about it. I also never practiced meditation before which I did in this lockdown which helped me to calm myself down and relax for a while. I tried to keep myself indulged in doing small things I love and also doing things I have never done before to pass my time. I took care of myself by working out a little and taking care of my hair and skin which in turn made me feel good about myself. I feel that now I am more patient, calm and composed as this lockdown is teaching us that in the best way. We often forget to sit back, relax and take daily life and routine decisions with calmness because we are always in a rush and every moment is dependent on the other, which is not the case in lockdown.

-Rtr Mallika Anam
General Body Member



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