Contrary to popular belief, lockdown maybe strenuous in comparison to our general lifestyle but more than often you need a speed bump in your fast-paced life. Everybody expected me to be upset considering how outgoing person I am, and so did I. But I have never had such therapeutic months filled with self-realization and growth. Each time things get too rash, think of it in a third person perspective and take a deep breath, do something that calms you down and don’t be scared to make up environments for yourself. A lot of my time was spent in bettering my already existing interests, I could list down every activity that kept me busy but holistically it’s about creating a den for you, not just in your room but in your mental space. It doesn’t hurt to light an agarbati and have chai by the window once in a while. I was happy then and I’m happy now.

-Rtr. Sakshi Motwani
General Body Member



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