The last 3 months have been very difficult for all of us but it’s very important to keep our mental health in check, so that there are no negative thoughts that engulf our mind. To maintain mental peace, I think it is very important to share your problems with someone who understands you and can help you differentiate between the right and wrong. Everyone is facing a lot of difficulties and thoughts like harming themselves are popping up in everyone’s minds but the best option to avoid that is to share it with someone or divert yourself in doing things which you like to do and find reasons to enjoy your life because at this point of time , the time we get with our family is never going to get back and once this time is gone then many people might regret not spending time with family . One of the biggest solutions to keep our mental health stable is to enjoy with family and let time do its work to heal us. The most important thing is to be positive ourselves and also helping people to get positivity who need our support. The thing I do to spend my time at home is cooking, drawing, makeup, listening to soulful music, do some course and best thing is to spend time with family and getting to know who we actually are and to find our potential in life. We can at least get a rough idea about what we can do and what we want to do ahead in our life. My life before lockdown was very hectic and full of tension because I was in 12th so my whole day mostly used to be spent in college and studies and due to all this even all the family members used to be busy the whole day. But now due to this lockdown many of us our spending most of our time with our families making lovely memories. My life is lockdown has changed a lot; I have made a lot of discoveries about myself. If there is a comparison between my life before lockdown and during lockdown both are a completely different phases of life. But eventually everyone wishes to get back to our normal lives because we can’t spend the whole life sitting at home and doing nothing.

-Rtr. Sakshi Mehta
General Body Member



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