Quarantine for me was engaging: a girl who never made anything but those 2-minute noodles is now cooking every day. Let’s just say I found something that I love. Everyday feels like the same day repeating itself but with just this thought months changed from March to July in a blink. I Enjoyed the summer then (without the summer body) but with the air conditioner and enjoying the monsoon now with hot chocolate. Playing the keyboard once a month, cooking, binging on Netflix, planning to revise my Spanish everyday but never ended up doing it & sleeping not before 3 am is how I spent my time. But specifically, during this lockdown, I got more obsessed with art, started appreciating the beauties around the world from my device; in the forms of tunes, creativity, aesthetics, no context designs all from my phone. Though it feels like nothing has specifically changed a lot has too, my love & respect for my mum and dad, the importance that my friends hold was always just more than gossiping, the way I look at social media is not for likes and comments anymore but platforms that explore, motivation to do everything which is not mentioned in any textbook, wanting to visit art galleries & making videos with subtle aesthetics. I have started appreciating cuisines more than just tastes that fill the mouth.

-Rtr. Drishti Sanghvi



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