The lock down has been a different challenge as it’s unusual and hasn’t happened ever at least for our generation. It’s the first time, so during this we mentally become frustrated and disturbed which is very natural hence mental health should be necessarily taken care of and certainly I have done it by keeping myself busy in different activities doing various things during this period and I have always kept my mind diverted from all the negativity and focused on all the positivity happening around and this is how mental health can be taken care off. Lockdown has a lot of downsides but with negatives come positives too. We never spend time with our family in our normal routine life so that has been the difference in this lockdown where I have certainly spent quality time with my family and I also have been able to give myself the time required to relax my body and enjoy as well as keep doing my routine work which never stops. There has certainly been a major transition from normal life to this lockdown life where routines have been affected the normal fast life has reduced its pace and has become slow and there’s always been a different mindset approach for this period and certainly each and everything has its own positives so accepting where we are today and getting accustomed to it is a must and just hope for the best and we’ll surely get through this pandemic soon.

-Rtr. Abhishek Mani
Joint Secretary



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