I think we are all incorrigible deflectors and in the chaos of daily life it gets easy to ignore our thoughts , so for me it started with accepting that my mental health is negatively affected by these situations, that helped me start figuring out what gives me those little moments of joy, trying out different self-care things every other day is fun and relaxing at the same time , remembering why we have to keep fighting so we can go back to meeting our friends, watch movies in malls and all the good things waiting to be experienced by us helps me stay positive. I was always an avid reader but somehow, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading so this lockdown has given me a chance to reconnect with my love for the endless possibilities of literature. How you can drown yourself is beautiful and sometimes tragic but powerfully appealing stories of other people to escape from the reality of these harsh situations has helped me immensely. I realise its basic but exploring cooking and just making good food while listening to music forgetting what time is gives me so much joy, especially when the dishes are actually edible. My sister and her dog have also been spending so much more time with me and are my constant source of entertainment when we aren’t annoyed at each other, we have fun days playing board games, cuddling the dog and getting to know each other better. I think recognising that being abrasive in a way you didn’t even realise can cause so much hurt to someone and the importance of simply being kind and making a conscious effort or being sensitive to others is change I would like to believe I have seen in me. Also just acknowledging my privilege and being grateful for the food and shelter I have makes me realise how necessary it is to not take even the simplest of things for granted and lastly my friends and the people I love, my appreciation for them has only increased in this lockdown and when I do see them I am going to hit them and hug them a little harder because if something good has to come from all this I believe it should be us realising how important company is, how important the presence of your loved ones are, how important just humans appreciating one another is.

-Rtr. Palak Bhanushali
General Body Member



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