Memes and Stand-up (Abhishek Upmanyu in particular) were my saviour in the past three months. If I felt angry at my mom, dad or anybody, I used to just sit quietly and recall all the little things they had done for me. This is because my anger blinds me to a great extent and this exercise helps me see clearly and cool down. I spent my most of my time catching up with my studies, reading books that I had wanted to for very long and by watching series. In case I got bored with all of them, I used to listen to new music, try different genres and decide which suits me the best. Before the lockdown, I used to have a very tight schedule or so I thought because I used to stress a lot. I realized this after the lockdown came into effect. I eat more in comparison to before and that’s a sign of my healthy lifestyle, I get to sleep more, I get more time for myself and that’s what I needed to see clearly. I needed to see that there’s not much to stress about, I just have to take a deep breath and put my game face on.

-Rtr. Yashika Majithia
General Body Member



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