As difficult as it was, change is always difficult for everyone-Especially for a  college or job going proletariat. However, since we had so much time to spare, we had a lot to do that we’d be foolishly postponing under the excuse of not having time. I was able to be diverted with those things. After a while of course it was difficult when it settled down but I think being alone, as negative and lone fully painful it sounds, has given me time to introspect about my issues, feel them instead of stimulating myself with other diverting stuff and actually work them out. I took a psychology course. Studied and researched about various philosophical topics that I’d been meaning to do and was curious about. Doing the household chores have taken up most of the time. I watch Netflix here and there. Journaling and meditating and trying to be more mindful and creative has helped. I think I’m more positive. Having time with myself has given me opportunities I didn’t seek before. And now that I’ve seen the results, I know it shall stay permanent throughout the lockdown and after it as well.

-Rtr. Ishita Mahadik
General Body Member



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