I started spending more time with my friends, started interacting and socializing more because that’s what my life was. I Started going to office with my dad, becoming productive, thinking about myself and my family, working out regularly, going down to take a walk, getting some fresh air, doing things that I like, getting mental help and therapies. I didn’t sit idle. I kept my windows, curtain and door open because I was scared to sit alone in the dark because that’s something, I used to do 24/7 before. I used to sit in the dark with all lights off surrounded by the 4 walls of my home; all the time on my phone. It would take my mind somewhere else and my mind started thinking some unrealistic things which it shouldn’t and I started getting scared of the things which it shouldn’t. I started carrying a lot of load which it shouldn’t. My life has changed, completely changed 🙂

-Rtr. Pratik Asnani
General Body Member



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