Rishikesh is one of my favorite cities. A city full of life, a balance of beauty and godliness, yoga capital of the world. The name itself is so pure, you can’t imagine yourself having a headache there. From the bhajan and kirtan mandli to the river rafting in mother Ganga, the trip was the best. You just can’t stop admiring this city, not only for its beauty but for the peace, cleanliness, and whatnot. I remember standing in lines for 8 hours just for darshan at Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir. The food is as sathwik as the city. And the Ganga Aarti at night gives you goosebumps, to conclude this a city one should visit in his lifetime, at the foot of the Himalayas with Mother Ganga all around.

-Rtr. Shivansh Kattyayan
Community Service Director



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