Dear BTS,

You are 7, and each one of you have helped me mould my personality. One has helped me build my self-confidence, one has inspired me to love myself, one has helped me to be my self and not change it for anyone else. One has helped me to be as hardworking as I can and give my 200% in anything I aim to achieve. One has helped me to look into the brighter side of life and not let negative things affect me, while the other has also helped me to achieve my goals and not give up on them. One has helped me to love my people and care for them as much as I can. And lastly, all of you together have helped me become a better person and helped me grow as a person. Your music has given me my lost solace, and it calms me down every time I’m stressed out. I couldn’t thank you enough for that, but one thing I’d like to say is that, I Purple You <3.

-Rtr Nupur Thakkar
International Service Director
Rotaract Club of Mulund Hill View



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