My idea of love is a bygone one
Not that ki on the white horse he will come
But yes
Regarding me, he will be firm
I want to smile for no reason, be happy in all the seasons, and sing all the time for another no big reason
And to not miss a trick of that vilon audible only to that one
Somebody who is into all this madness with me, for me is the one
The one for whom I’m the only one … in his life, I’m number one
For him, his world revolves all around me …
Yes he does ask questions But he doubts me for none
Yes, he does get angry and at times blow up on me
But he never disrespects me, for him above all is where I come
Yes he might get moody, but that’s where it all began
as I felt he is all that he is
in front of me like an open book on the run
And that’s when I realised
That yes, “He is the one ”
He is a little scared at times
Sacred of losing mee
And then also the happy one
Happy around me
Happy with me
And happy to be mine
And to have me he is proud in tonnes
It is not something that is gonna fade in the short run
We are gonna grow together n talk about it away from everything under our red sun

Rtr. Kuhuk Agarwal
Non – Rotaractor



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