When I’m asked about my favorite city, however, it’s a no brainer. I love London. London is kind of like my first love. I’ve spent 12 years of my life there. London means different things to different people. A home to some, a tourist destination to others, and to others still, a business spot. London is just like any other city in many ways, but in other ways, it is so much more. London is breathtakingly beautiful. Weather in London has a mind of its own. You might wake up to a sunny day, only to find that it’s pouring cats and dogs when you exit the tram station. London is inspirational. If you are an artist looking for something that makes you itch for your paintbrush. If you are a singer who wants to find their voice in this world, if you are a photographer looking for the perfect moment to capture with your lens. If you are a writer trying to put your passion into words. London is the place for you. London is all about diversity. It is here that you will find all sorts of people. There will be White, Black, Asian, and South Asian people walking alongside each other. Now, at age 19, my love for London has mellowed and matured. I still love it, but now I love it more like an old friend that I can always rely on. We go about our own lives, we change and grow apart, but as soon as you get us in the same place, that old magic still twinkles. We will never run out of things to talk about, London and I.

-Rtr. Doyel Kunder
General Body Member



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