Tragedies and us

We are all tragedies,
Aren’t we?

We are smiling
Even when our hearts are drowning
We dance to tunes of nothingness
Our nights are endless stories are loneliness

We find romanticism in double suicides
And surreal peace in the fall of the tides
We repeatedly beautify endings
and unendingly fear beginnings

We listen to music that makes us sad
We watch movies of love stories gone bad
We say we are always in search of the light
Yet we reside in dark and fright

You talk about calls undialed
and letters unposted
with an unfriendly spark in your eyes
the kind of spark nothing else can suffice

You glorify the melancholy of an ending
with a smile condescending
you find joy in the feeling of regret
in unheld hands, unspoken words and fret

in the end, we all thrive in darkness
don’t we?

Rtr. Pranati Chheda
Rotaract Club of Mumbai Salt City



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