Dear Ian Somerhalder,

So, it’s always said that every love relationship starts with hate and so happened. when I started watching The Vampire Dairies I literally hated Damon but after season 1’s 19th episode when him being the bad boy came in covering up for his brother and helping his girlfriend whom he was in love with because of her face being the same like a girl he had in his past who ditched him just melted my heart and all my hate turned into love and I still am obsessed over both the character Damon and Ian. I have watched the show over 5 times just for Damon. I love Damon/Ian a little too much xoxo.

-Rtr Prarthana Menda
General Body Member
Rotaract Club of Mulund Hill View



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  1. What a great character to write a letter I have chosen . Nice letter and even the people who hates Damon has started loving him after seeing the way he cares for Elena ☺️

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