You and Me

You and me
With burgers and iced tea
In the trunk of the car,
Smiling with our eyes
Can feel the 5 pm sun close, yet so far.

The hope in your eyes,
The dimple on my cheek
Come together in serendipity.
Now with some soft tunes,
Let’s just get lost in the moment, shall we?

Oh and then let’s dance
With our hands up,
Swaying our waists in harmony
And telling our minds to shut up.

Coming up with our own little dance moves,
It’s like our little thing now,
Our little space.
Like flowers and bees,
You and me.

Oh, would you click pictures of me?
Being in my element
Would you make me look pretty?
Cause I wonder how you are feeling,
How do you view me?
In this empty town and quiet roads,
We are so complete
You and me.

Aditi Shethi
Non – Rotaractor



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