?”A friend is an emotional bond, just like friendship is a human experience.” ~ Simon Sinek ?
Rotaract Club of Mulund Hill View presents to you
Dosti ke Izhaar?
A joint editorial and social media project, where you write something about the bond you share with your best friend, be it a human, or your pet dog! Fill the form and pour your heart out about your friendship and mail us an image of you and your best friend! Best entries will be featured on our instagram handle!
When: ?5th August, 2018
Email ID:? rcmhv3141@gmail.com
??‍♀Rtr. Afrah Shirazi: +91 7710905401 ??‍♀Rtr. Tanishka Singh: +91 9769140019
??‍♀Rtr. Esha Dandge: +91 9833242215



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