Happy Rotaract Greetings! ?

We successfully conducted *Draw-Depict-Act* with a lot of fun and high participation!

Some like to draw,
Some like to express,
Some like to act but we made sure everybody tries all three of them Rotaract Club of Mulund Hill View
An Editorial initiative by Rtr. Devayani.J
where in all our club members participated in large numbers
We had made 6 teams each team were given 5 papers ,1 story was told had it was divided into 6 parts each story part was given to each team and then they were supposed to draw it and others had to guess!.
I know too much? but the fun that we have its amazzingg♥
In the next segment members were given 3-4 adjectives and make a product out of it and advertise it .

#work hard play harder

A heartfelt thank you to all the rotaractors and non-rotaractors who participated! ?




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