“ Live life powerfully and live a life you love ” ROTARACT CLUB OF MULUND HILL VIEW invites you to

An Introduction to
Life Transforming- Landmark Forum

Top 7 Benefits of Landmark Forum Participation which leads to your professional and personal development are:

1. Courage
2. Self Confidence
3. Peace of Mind
4. Happiness
5. The Ability to Fully Express Yourself
6. The ability to make decisions without doubting yourself
7. Freedom from Resentment & Regret

Entry free, no prior registration required

Date?: 16th November, Saturday

Venue?: Aastha Hospital, Mulund West

Time⏰: 2:45-6:15 P.M.
As we all come together and cause a “R-evolution”,
How about Creating Life for a change?

Looking forward to your visit!



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