Warm Rotaract Greetings ✨

Access to menstrual hygiene products is a basic human right. 🙌🏻

Inorder to abide this thaught…..🙏

Rotary Club of Mulund Hill View,
Rotary Club Of Chembur West,
Rotary Club Of Mumbai Ghatkopar,
Rotary Club Of Mahakali Heights,
Rotary Club Of Mumbai Worldwide

In collaboration with,
– Rotaract Club Of Mulund Hills
– Rotary Club of Mumbai Worldwide
– Rotary club of Bombay Mahakali Heights
– Rotaract club of Mumbai Ghatkopar
– Rotaract club of SK Somaiya College
– Rotaract club of Mumbai Western Elite
– Rotaract club of Mumbai Downtown
– Rotaract club of Bombay Powai
– Rotaract club of Mulund Hill View
– Rotaract club of Bombay Chembur
– Rotaract club of Bombay Mahakali Heights


Project :- Padsquad 🌸

Here’s a little Thank You from my end to everybody who has been a part of this initiative. With your love and support we have managed to make a donation of more than 50,000 SANITARY PADS
Thank You for making this possible

– A lack of access to sanitary pads due to money is truly appalling. Thare are thousands of women in need of effective menstrual pads.

– Together we can help make a difference in these women’s lives.

– Padsquad is an unique initiative by our club, to ensure sanitary pads reach the needy and at the same time it invokes the involvement of the populace to creat a self-sustaining system.

– Padsquad is a simple idea and within this simplicity lies it’s inherent brilliance.🙌🏻😄




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