“If you can curtail your needs and wants to a bare minimum of what you need in life, then the sky is the limit and your life is your canvas- you can paint it the way you want.”💫
~ Bhargavi Swami

ROTARACT CLUB OF MULUND HILL VIEW presents to you the second edition of RCMHV TALKS🎤 with Bhargavi Swami. 💁🏻‍♀️

📌She is a second generation entrepreneur of an all women HR Consultancy firm- Excel Corporation.👩‍🦱
📌She has represented India on various international platforms. 🌏
📌 Her podcast- ‘People who matter’ is one of the first from India to get 5/5 ratings on Apple podcasts.🥇

We touch upon her upbringing, her journey at Excel Corporation as she rose through the ranks to become the CEO and the current job crisis in the economy. 💎

Don’t forget to listen till the end where she speaks about how Rotaract has impacted her life.💞

Team Editorial 2020-21✍️



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