The world is asleep to the understanding of menstrual cycle. It is a cycle of rebirth of women. Celebrate it! ? Rotaract Club of Mulund Hill View brings to you, a social media initiative – The Feminine Divine.
~ take and show pride, in bleeding.

What’s this all about?
A picture will be posted and the club shall nominate 3 members. The nominated people have to post a picture or use any means of social media with a sanitary napkin, and nominate more 3 members, tag @rcmhvofficial or any RCMHV page and use the hashtag #TakePrideBleedRed

You can nominate a rotaractor as well as a non-rotaractor.
Let’s end the Taboos associated with menstruation. Period.
For more details, contact:
??‍♂Rtr. Arjun Iyer:- +91 7208056491


Rtr.Arjun Iyer(Digicom director 17-18)
Rtr.Mohit Jeswani (President 17-18)
Rtr.Devayani Joshi (President for 18-19)

Thank you. ♥



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