“You know what I have noticed? Nobody panics when things go ‘according to plan.’ Even if the plan is horrifying!”

Christopher Nolan



Think Tank is a One Stop Solution for all the planning required to carry out a project. This form consists of a set of questionnaires that will be useful in determining progress and also guaranteeing the positive outcome of the project. 📆

This form helps every Board Of Director to plan their projects starting from scratch, all the way up to the top. Filling this form is almost like running through the event virtually.🗒

Also, this form will ease your burden of writing a report. The questions are framed in such a manner that will help you write incredible reports, which eventually have to be submitted to the district after the execution of the project. 📁

Once you know the answers to these questions much before the project, it helps the team to have a clearer picture of the expectations, logistics, and assistance needed for the project.

Team HRD of RCMHV is confident that this form will help your event transform from ideas on paper to a solid, realistic, successful project.

For more details contact Team HRD📞

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